Presidential iPad proves Trump is an Apple fanboy


The Trump iPad might be how the president starts his day each morning.
The Trump iPad might be how the president starts his day each morning.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Perhaps Pres. Trump is more tech savvy than many people would expect. He fires off his tweetstorms from his phone, and today we learned he uses an tablet.

Specifically, we learned he uses an iPad. That goes with the pair of iPhones he carries around. Obviously, the president is an Apple fan.

Word of Trump’s tablet came from Tara Palmeri, ABC White House Correspondent. In response to a Tweet arguing that Trump never uses a computer, Palmeri said that “sometimes Trump reads things on a iPad that he calls ‘the flat one’.”

That description of Apple’s tablet is accurate if a bit odd. This is only speculation, but the phrase likely comes up when the president asks for a computer and someone tries to hand him a laptop, causing him to say “No, give me the flat one.”

A Trump iPad is typical for seniors

Donald Trump is 72 years old, and he’s just one of many seniors who use Apple tablets. They weigh less than notebook computers, are generally easier to use, and make enlarging text a breeze.

And clearly the president has zero problems using an iPhone. All his many tweets come from his iOS handset. The commander in chief actually has at least two iPhones: one that’s just for Twitter, and one or more others only for voice calls.

No one has yet spotted Trump with AirPods. And maybe the White House needs a HomePod or two.