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Capacious portable battery pulls triple duty [Deals]


11K USB Battery
This power bank will make sure your iPhone never runs out of juice.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

On camping excursions, road trips or just long walks, it’s important not to lose use of your most important devices. Without a backup battery, that’s no guarantee, so why not get a battery that can revive up to three devices?

The PowerUP Triple USB Battery sports three USB ports, backed by a massive 11,000mAh capacity. That’s enough juice to charge a tablet and two phones simultaneously, keeping your crew juiced through the day. Top-shelf power cells and chips make sure that charging is fast, and you can keep an eye on battery status through built-in LEDs.

Buy now: Get a PowerUP 11,000mAh Triple USB Battery for $27.99 — that’s a 65 percent discount.