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Tesla unleashes sleek but slow wireless phone charger


The cheapest product Tesla makes.
Photo: Tesla

Always wanted a Tesla but don’t have a cool $50K sitting in the bank? Well, Elon Musk just released a new product to satiate your Tesla lust. It doesn’t have four wheels or an Insane Mode. But it will keep your iPhone powered up all day.

Meet the first Tesla wireless phone charger.

Unfortunately, the Tesla Wireless charger isn't built for speed.

Costing just $65, the Tesla Wireless Charger comes in white and black. With 6000mAh of power, the battery bank offers 21 hours of additional talk time and 18 hours of internet surfing for iPhones.

Just set your iPhone on the base, hold the power button for three seconds, and the Tesla charger will start beaming juice to your phone.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone with wireless charging, you can still recharge your device through the USB-A port. (It also packs an integrated USB-A cable for Android users.)

Despite its killer looks, the Tesla Wireless Charger is actually really slow. It only has 5-watt output for charging. There are a lot of other wireless chargers out there that cost less, pack more mAh and output at 10 watts. But if you’re buying this charger, you probably only really care that it has a Tesla logo on the front.