Blast into action with Fortnite's new Shockwave grenade

Blast into action with Fortnite’s new Shockwave grenade


Fortnite Enforcer skin
Fight with the Enforcer in Battle Royale.
Photo: Epic Games

Epic Games has given Fortnite players a number of new ways to get around in recent months, and its next update will provide another one. The new Shockwave grenade will let you blast into the action without taking fall damage.

With new areas to explore being added all the time, quickly making your way around Fortnite’s Battle Royale map is more important than ever. You might choose to ride a shopping cart or golf buggy, or take to the skies through one of the many rifts.

In this week’s Fortnite update, players will find another method of traveling quickly.

Fortnite is getting a Shockwave grenade

Some players already use Impulse grenades to launch themselves forward in Battle Royale, but they’re not ideal. Not only do they not throw you that far, but if you happen to launch yourself off a hilltop or building, you’ll take fall damage when you land.

That’s because the Impulse grenade wasn’t designed with travel in mind — but the new Shockwave grenade was. It’ll throw you much further than an Impulse, and you never have to worry about taking fall damage.

“The blast is so strong, you can launch players through structures,” Epic teases.

The Shockwave grenade will also work on vehicles, and will be dropped in stacks of two. You’ll be able to carry six in one inventory slot, and you’ll find them in supply drops, vending machines, loot llamas, and chests.

Solid Gold returns to Battle Royale

This week’s update will also bring back the Solid Gold limited-time game mode, as well as a Solid Gold version of 50v50.

Players can also look forward to matchmaking improvements that will prevent console players with a keyboard and mouse from being paired with controller users. Epic has listed a whole host of other changes, which you can read about on its blog.