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Learn the secrets of success from the world’s most creative people [Deals]


Learn from 30 of the top creative success stories with a bundle of insight-packed interviews.
Learn from 30 of the top creative success stories with a bundle of insight-packed interviews.
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Fortune favors the bold, and there is no shortage of bold people whose success we can all learn from. This bundle of interviews, insights and life hacks from top creatives and influencers will teach you the skills you need to succeed in today’s busy world.

The 30 Days of Genius Bundle features four jam-packed courses covering everything from time management to creative business strategies.

1. 30 Days of Genius (Bonus)

This series features author Chase Jarvis and 30 of today’s big thinkers. It’s brimming with actionable insights from a whole cast of characters, including Mark Cuban, Richard Branson and Jared Leto.

2. The 4-Hour Life ($299 value)

Based on Ferriss’ The New York Times best-seller The 4-Hour Workweek, this course focuses on the productivity tactics Benjamin Franklin used in his daily life. All of the insights are applicable to things like learning a new language or optimizing workouts.

3. Start a Profitable Online Business ($199 value)

This 12-hour course helps you navigate the ins and outs of becoming a successful online entrepreneur. You will gain insights and proven strategies for lead generation, email growth hacks and more.

4. Maintain Your Body for Long-Lasting Health & Mobility ($99 value)

There has to be balance between work and life. Kelly Starrett, San Francisco CrossFit founder, will guide you through maintaining your health by fixing inefficient movements and even lowering your mile runtime.

Get the 30 Days of Genius Bundle featuring Tim Ferriss

The entire bundle is loaded with four courses, containing 79 lessons in all. The format makes for a great daily ritual. Just start or end each day with an interview or lecture, and you’ll get months’ worth of inspiration and insight. And since you’ll gain lifetime access, you’ll be able to revisit these powerful lessons anytime you want.

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