Your iPhone X is still worth almost as much as you paid for it


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Your used iPhone value might surprise you. You could resell your iPhone X and recoup most of the cost of a new 2018 model.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

You may have gulped a bit when you put down $999 for your iPhone X. But turns out it was a good investment. Half a year later, your device has depreciated surprisingly little.

B-Stock, a B2B company selling used computers, says that the iPhone X has held its value better than any Apple phone in its experience. And iPhones do better than their rivals.

“Normally, within six months after an iPhone launch, retailers and manufacturers can expect to sell that model at 60 to 70% of original retail value. The iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 all achieved roughly 65% of retail value six months after launch across our network of mobile marketplaces,” wrote Michael Rohde on the B-Stock blog.

But Apple’s flagship phone is doing much better. “Currently, we are seeing the iPhone X bucking those trends: across our mobile marketplaces, the iPhone X is selling at 75% of original retail value.”

Used iPhone value is quite high

All cellphones drop in value as soon as they are taken out of the box. But Apple’s devices have a much slower rate of depreciation than their rivals.

Decluttr compiled a chart of how much, on average, various devices drop in value over time. iPhone is the stand out winner. After 6 months, Apple devices are worth about 58 percent of their original cost, while Samsung devices are worth roughly 43 percent of the sale price. HTC value is about 36 percent after half a year, while LG is up near 45 percent.

See how used iPhone value compares to Samsung, LG, etc.
See how used iPhone value compares to Samsung, LG, etc.
Graph: Decluttr

This Decluttr data was gathered last year, before the release of the iPhone X. It’s possible an updated chart would show Apple doing even better.

So don’t stick your old iPhone in a drawer “just in case.” Sell it to us and buy a new one.