AboveTek iPad stand review: Aluminum iPad stand turns your tablet into mini iMac

This great stand turns your iPad into a tiny iMac [Review]


Sturdy and stylish, the AboveTek iPad stand is super-adjustable.
Sturdy and stylish, this stand is also super-adjustable.
Photo: AboveTek

This is less of a review, and more of a heads-up. If you’re looking for a desktop iPad stand, then you should probably just go ahead and buy the AboveTek Elegant Aluminium iPad Stand Swivel Stand.

Yes, I’m serious. It may be a no-brand Chinese commodity gadget, sold under different names by different sellers, but it’s also the best iPad desk stand I’ve ever used.

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Turns your iPad into a tiny iMac

The AboveTek stand (as it is called in my local Amazon market) is a tilt-and-swivel stand that looks a lot like the foot of an iMac. It comes with two “holders,” which are rubber-lined clamps that fit different-size iPads. I use it with the giant 12.9-inch iPad Pro. One side of this C-shaped jaw pulls out on a spring, so you can slide in the iPad and then let the holder snap back.

The AboveTek iPad stand really does look like a mini iMac.
See, it really does look like a mini iMac.
Photo: AboveTek

The stand is fantastic. The heavy aluminum base is sturdy, and the whole unit is stable enough that I can stab at the very edges of the iPad screen without much wobbling.

You can spin and tilt the iPad with one hand. I use it in portrait for reading, and landscape for most other things. If I’m standing, I can flip it so the iPad is almost horizontal, like a table top. This would also be good for folks that use their iPads as cash registers.

A sturdy iPad stand that’s great-looking

And that’s it, really. It’s not a portable stand, nor is it supposed to be. It’s a weighty, sturdy iPad stand with a silicone base, and it’s perfect for desktops and kitchen counters. If you’re typing, it raises the iPad closer to eye level for better ergonomics. You can also slip a keyboard underneath it, just like with an iMac.

One thing that worries me, for the long term, is that the clamp section is all plastic. It’s holding up just fine right now, but just be aware of this if you’re going to use the stand in an abusive environment.

I’ve put in an Amazon link below, but you can click around and find the same thing from various sellers. I recommend it.

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