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One app keeps all your cloud storage under control


Easily manage all your cloud drives from one familiar interface.
Easily manage all your cloud drives from one familiar interface.
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These days, cloud storage is pretty much a must. It’s so common that many of us use at least two cloud services — maybe iCloud for photos and music, Google Drive for professional files, Dropbox for work stuff and so on. That means a lot of passwords to remember, and a lot of jumping between windows.

AnyTrans for Cloud offers a neat solution to the problem of losing your head in the clouds. It provides a single interface that can manage all your cloud accounts easily — and adds a ton of useful functions.

If you use more than one cloud account, you’ll want to check out this free service from iMobie.

AnyTrans for Cloud manages your cloud services

AnyTrans for Cloud can wrangle your Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Box, pCloud and other accounts. On any device, the app or web interface presents a neat menu that’s familiar to anybody who’s ever used a cloud service.

The difference is that this dashboard shows every cloud service.

Everything works quite simply, too. Once you install AnyTrans for Cloud, you’ll get a prompt to open an account with your email address. From there, you’ll be shown the various services that the software can sync with (iMobie promises more to come).

Choose a cloud service to add, and you’ll be prompted to sign in through AnyTrans. One thing to be aware of is that, as a third party-app, AnyTrans for Cloud needs to access data on your accounts in order to work. Accepting this means allowing the software to view and transfer files at your request. Incidentally, AnyTran also supports scheduling offline cloud-to-cloud transfers, which is super-handy.

It’s reassuring to have the option of using Google 2-Step Authentication to guard access to your account. Additionally, each access operation requires your go-ahead, and permissions are easy to manage.

Once you add all your cloud drives, they become visible from the AnyTrans for Cloud main menu. At that point, accessing their contents becomes a simple matter of clicking the service’s icon.

Now, to load files onto a given cloud drive, you can simply drag and drop them straight from your desktop to the host drive. Or, you can send files between cloud drives within AnyTrans. Just click the Sync to Cloud button and select the destination.

AnyTrans for Cloud feels a lot like an extension of your Mac’s Finder. It also enables users to encrypt their shared files. (Sharing can take place via email, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.)

Easily manage cloud storage

AnyTrans Cloud offers a straightforward interface that connects all your cloud accounts.
AnyTrans Cloud offers a straightforward interface that connects all your cloud accounts.
Screenshot: iMobie

With AnyTrans for Cloud, files stored on your cloud drives prove easy to find, even if you can’t remember which one you stored them on. You can quickly search through them all at once.

When you share a file, you can easily set the terms. You can specify things encryption, timeframe of availability, and the number of times you want a file to be downloaded. iMobie also offers easy iOS and Android content management via AnyTrans for iPhone and AnyTrans for Android.

You also will find familiar tools for deleting, copying and renaming files. Handy status windows display ongoing tasks, and a task history button shows what’s been added or moved (and to where).

If you want extra security, you can also AnyTrans for Cloud while you’re away from your computer. Just enter your password once you return to access all your cloud drives.

Start using AnyTrans for Cloud today

Managing multiple cloud drives can be a headache. AnyTrans for Cloud offers a simple way to wrangle all your online drives into a single interface, with a suite of convenient features. Sign up for AnyTrans for Cloud and you can use the free service immediately. Register now, and you’ll get a free 30-day subscription to the AnyTrans premium plan, along with a $10 coupon.