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Instagram tests feature that lets you remove followers


Instagram lawsuit
Instagram's new feature might incite some drama with your followers.
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Got a follower on Instagram that’s annoying af but you don’t want to totally block them?

Pretty soon you might be able to remove certain followers without completely blocking them or taking your profile private so they can’t see your photos and comments.

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that lets public profiles remove people from their followers list with just a few taps. Private profiles have had the ability to remove followers for a while now, but it looks like the option is about to roll out to everyone.

According to a report from The Verge, it appears that the feature is being pushed out to a bigger sample of users recently. It looks like its going out to more Android users right now that iOS users though.

Instagram confirmed that the feature is in testing right now. It hasn’t said when the feature will be available to everyone. When you do remove someone Instagram says the other person is never alerted to the change.

To see if removing followers is available to you, go to your profile page and tap on your followers list. From there you should see three vertical dots to the right of someone’s name. Tap on that to bring up the prompt to remove someone.