Fortnite update makes gunfights easier than ever


Fortnite iOS 14
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Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Fortnite season five is now in full swing, giving players new areas to explore, a new vehicle to ride around in, and more. The latest Fortnite update also makes huge control improvements.

Players on iOS will find gunfights easier thanks to autofire, while those on Nintendo Switch can enjoy more accurate aiming with motion control.

Season five brings the biggest changes Fortnite has seen so far. There’s a staggering amount of new content to enjoy, including new locations on the Battle Royale map, the all terrain kart, and more than 100 new rewards for those who purchase the Battle Pass.

There are so many changes, in fact, that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here’s one you might have missed: huge control improvements on iOS and Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite gets autofire on iOS

Fortnite is awesome on iOS. Players can enjoy the full Battle Royale experience in the palm of their hands and it runs beautifully. But there’s no denying that it’s harder to play with touch controls.

Epic just made it a little easier. With autofire enabled, your weapon will automatically shoot at enemy players when your reticle is over them. All you have to do is aim and the game takes care of the rest.

You can change your preferred fire mode inside the game’s options menu. Tap the Custom HUD Layout button, then Select Fire Mode, then choose between tap-to-fire, a dedicated fire button, or the new autofire option.

Motion control on Nintendo Switch

Fortnite has also picked up support for gyroscope aiming on the Nintendo Switch, which you can also adjust inside the game’s Settings menu.

If you’ve used gyroscope aiming inside other titles like Splatoon 2, you’ll know how useful it can be. Many players find it much easier to aim precisely when they can fine-tune their aim simply by moving their controller in the right direction.

Gyroscope aiming doesn’t negate the need to use the analog sticks entirely. This isn’t like playing a first-person shooter on the Nintendo Wii; you’ll still need to use the analog sticks to look around. But once your reticle is near your enemy, you can use motion to aim your weapon more accurately.

Fortnite version 5.0 is available now

You can enjoy these control improvements in Fortnite version 5.0, which is available now across all platforms. For the complete list of changes and improvements, check out Epic’s patch notes on the Fortnite blog.