Security cameras are ugly, so use this Bluetooth speaker instead [Deals]


LizaCam: This Bluetooth speaker is also a security cam.
This Bluetooth speaker is also a security cam.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Protecting your home and valuables is important, but setting up security cameras in your living room can feel downright dystopian. Luckily, the internet of things is changing how our devices operate. So these days, home security looks and sounds a little more pleasant.

LizaCam looks and works like a standard Bluetooth speaker, just sync it up to your music library and listen. But it also sports a built-in WiFi camera, so it’s an ideal for discreet home security. Pair the camera to your router, and you can watch its feed straight through your device in real-time. Or, you can watch later using a microSD card. Motion detection makes sure it records only when there’s something to watch, and night vision support for keeping a watchful eye in the dark. It’s super portable and lasts for up to 12 hours per charge, so you can set and forget wherever you go.

Buy now: Get a LizaCam Hidden Camera/Bluetooth Speaker for $109.99, that’s a 45 percent discount.