Snapchat adds ability to delete messages after they’re sent


Snapchat delete
Get rid of risky messages before they're seen.
Photo: Snapchat

Snapchat is making it easier to deal with messaging regret by giving us the ability to delete chats after they’ve been sent.

The new “Delete Chat” feature is available for both group and one-to-one conversations. It can be used to recall text as well as voice notes, stickers, photos, and videos.

Snapchat rose to fame by giving us the freedom to share anything we like, safe in the knowledge that it has an expiration date. It seems many of us are more comfortable with sharing certain things when we know they won’t be around forever.

Now the content we share in conversations can be eliminated, too.

Snapchat debuts new delete feature

To delete something you’ve sent in a Snapchat conversation, simply tap and hold it, then choose the new Delete option.

The content will disappear from all participating devices, however, recipients will be able to see that you deleted something — they just won’t know what it was.

It should also be noted that this only works with photos and videos sent from Memories, not direct snaps. If you want to send something risky that you might instantly regret, then, save it to Memories first and send it from there.

Snapchat warns that screenshots still work in conversations, so if someone captures something you’ve shared before it’s deleted, there’s nothing you can do to backtrack.

New Snapchat Specs hit Amazon

Snapchat also confirmed today that its second-generation Spectacles will soon be available from Amazon. The updated versions are water-resistant and capture photos as well as videos. They’re also available in improved color options with slimmer frames.

You’ll be able to buy them later today for $149.99.