iPad magician Simon Pierro gains curious audience in monkey forest

iPad magician’s tricks freak out monkeys


Simon Pierro
Simon Pierro pulls a banana out of his iPad and shares it with a friend.
Photo: Simon Pierro/YouTube

iPad magician Simon Pierro is used to civilized audiences when he performs mesmerizing tricks on his Apple tablet.

But on a recent trip to the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, the long-tailed crowds that gathered curiously around Pierro’s iPad reacted quite aggressively as he made bananas and peanuts suddenly appear on his screen.

Fortunately, Pierro’s timing saved him from assault as he made the screen image pop into his hand as real food. The wily macaques that reside in the forest quickly grabbed the chow before running off.

Pierro has been doing his brand of magic ever since Apple introduced the iPad in 2010. (He gladly gave up working with large and heavy television screens.)

His knack for bringing scarves, cards and liquids to life from the iPad screen makes him stand out from his peers. And his iPad magic continues to earn him worldwide recognition.

While his magic employs tech, the iPad magician remains old-fashioned in one sense. Like many entertainers before him, he refuses to reveal the mysteries behind his tricks.

In his native Germany, he went to an Oktoberfest celebration and served himself mugs of beer from his iPad. On the eve of the Academy Awards in March, Pierro walked the streets of Hollywood pulling little Oscar statuettes from his iPad to present to amazed fans.

iPad magician Simon Pierro does crazy monkey magic

His trip to Bali, captured in a short video on his YouTube channel is similar to a 2016 performance in front of chimpanzees. Below are both videos.

His videos have gained more than 80 million views.