The tPhone Is Another Case To Turn Your iPod Touch Into An iPhone



Remember the Apple Peel 520, a case that allows you to take a jailbroken iPod Touch and turn it into a bonafide phone capable of texting and messaging?

It’s got some competition: the tPhone does basically the same thing, allowing you to slot any SIM into the case to enable calling and texting on your iPod Touch.

The main advantage here, though, is in the enclosed battery, which bests the Peel 520 with the inclusion of a 1200mAh pack, offering 50% more juice than the Peel, as well as a built-in mini USB port for charging.

The only drawbacks? Like the Peel 520, you need a jailbroken iPod Touch to enable calling, and unfortunately, the tPhone case is significantly more expensive than the Peel, costing almost $100.