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1Password 7 for Mac warns if you’ve been pwned


1Password 7 for Mac
There's a new Watchtower feature in 1Password 7 for Mac, and an improved 1Password mini.
Photo: AgileBits

1Password 7 for Mac notifes users of breaches, warn of bad habits, and highlights vulnerable passwords. 1Password mini has a new look, and there’s a new sidebar with a dark theme.

It’s the first really significant update in over two years.

The developer, AgileBits, integrated its software with Troy Hunt’s haveibeenpwned.com service. It checks your items against a collection of over 500 million breached passwords, and notifies you to change them if necessary.

Integration with twofactorauth.org enables the app to always know which websites support two factor authentication. You’ll be notified if this is available but not being used.

1Password 7 Sidebar

These features are part of the new 1Password 7 for Mac Watchtower section.

The application’s own Master Password is now stored in Apple’s Secure Enclave. This means the keys used for encryption are protected by Apple’s hardware.

1Password mini to the max

“1Password mini is how most of us use 1Password on a daily basis and for version 7 we wanted to make that experience the best it could be. 1Password mini has been completely reimagined,” wrote Dave Teare in an official AgileBits blog post.

While in a web browser, the app will automatically suggest the items you’re most likely to need. And 1Password mini also allows the user to sign into other applications.

A new sidebar stores the user’s collection of vaults. These allow the user to group their passwords depending on how and where they’re used.

1Password 7 for Mac can be downloaded now. It’s a subscription service starting at $2.99 a month. There’s a 30-day free trial, though.