AI improves Microsoft Word for Mac in Office 365


Office for Mac
There are new features for Office for Mac subscribers, and Microsoft demonstrates them in a video.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft has good news for users of Mac, iPad, and iPhone: there are improvements in Office 365 for all of you.

Word for Mac now uses neural machine translation to convert text between 11 different languages. This AI system is intended to produce more accurate results.

Microsoft also added Résumé Assistant to the macOS version. This connects to LinkedIn to improve your C.V.

Redmond released today a video tour of both these new features in Office for Mac. It also covers real-time coauthoring, Touch Bar support, and more:

To be clear, the Word for Mac changes announced today are only for Office 365 subscribers. Microsoft is working on Office 2019 for macOS, but that won’t be out until later this year. 

An official blog post from the company also said it expanded access to the iPad and iPhone versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote to subscribers of Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 F1, and Office 365 E1. The full versions of these iOS applications are already available to other Office 365 subscribers.

Enhancements to Outlook for iOS too

And there’s more good news for iPad and iPhone users. Microsoft announced that the Outlook app allows you continue drafting emails in Outlook for iOS that were initially started on other devices. This feature will be available in May.

There’s also a new organization view in this app that can display an employee’s manager, direct reports, and coworkers. Microsoft built in some AI to show other relevant contacts in this view, even if a traditional org chart wouldn’t show them.