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See how ARKit will make grocery shopping easier


grocery shopping
ARKit makes grocery shopping fun.
Photo: Andrew Hart

Searching my local grocery stores endless aisles of offerings of food is one of my least favorite things about being an adult, but thanks to the power of ARKit, apps are about to completely change the experience.

iOS developer Andrew Hart teased an early preview of his augmented reality app for retailers on Twitter this week and it looks absolutely amazing. The sleek app can be used to product details while shipping. But the coolest feature is its ability to spatially navigate you through the store to that Tikka Masala you’ve been hunting for.

Prepare to be amazed:

Hart’s demo is part of Retail AR platform that he’s building for his company Dent Reality. The platform is being built on top of ARKit and could be used by grocery stores, museums, shopping malls, airports and more.

Retail AR plans to give customers simple web tools that will allow them to customize the AR experience for their brand. If it works as well as it looks in the demo, shopping will never be the same.