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ecobee Switch+ with HomeKit also an Alexa smart speaker


ecobee Switch+
ecobee Switch+ works with HomeKit and Alexa.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

ecobee began taking pre-orders for the Switch+ today. This smart-home light switch includes HomeKit support so it can be remotely controlled with an iPhone.

But it goes beyond that: with Amazon’s Alexa built in, this wall switch acts as a smart speaker all on its own.

Users can do more than verbally order the lights to turn on or off. With full Alexa support, the switch can give weather forecasts, read the news, play Jeopardy, and much more.

Unfortunately, the Switch+ doesn’t have Siri built in so it can’t do the same trick with Apple’s voice assistsant. Still, research has shown that many users of Apple devices also have Amazon smart speakers, and HomeKit support means iOS users can control its regular functions.

Switch+ is a lot of light switch

More than just HomeKit and Alexa, Switch+ also supports three other rival smart home systems: Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT.

In addition to its remote control capabilities, the Switch+ can automatically turn lights on or off based on info from its motion and daylight sensors. It even functions as a plain-old light switch that can be toggled with a push.

ecobee‘s product works with any light fixture controlled by a single wall switch, and supports most energy-efficient light bulbs, such as the LiFX. It’s rated to control 600w incandescent or 150w LED and CFD loads. It requires a neutral wire for installation.

The ecobee Switch+ costs $99.99 on the company’s website and some online retailers. In-store availability starts March 26. This company already offers the ecobee4, a smart thermostat that supports HomeKit.

These are part of a range of accessories that support HomeKit, from wall plugs and smart light bulbs to doorbells with built-in cameras.