Mujjo’s leather cases match iPhone X perfectly [Review]

Mujjo’s leather cases match iPhone X perfectly [Review]


Mujjo cases iPhone X
Leather looks good on iPhone X.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

You don’t buy a $1,000 smartphone and stick it in a $4 silicone shell you bought on eBay. You either leave it exposed so that you can enjoy its gorgeous glass and stainless steel, or you sensibly stick it in a beautiful case that complements its premium design.

Mujjo’s leather cases are perfect for iPhone X. Made from full-grain leather with a super-slim profile, they rival Apple’s own leather cases in looks and durability. I’ve been using two of them for over a month now; here’s what I think of them.

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If you’re particularly clumsy, you should choose a case with more impact protection than leather provides. But if you’re careful with your iPhone, slim leather cases are a great way to keep it free from scratches without completely spoiling its look.

I’ve been testing out Mujjo’s full leather and full leather wallet cases for iPhone X, which are two of the best options money can buy.

Mujjo cases look great

Mujjo has made a name for itself by building leather iPhone cases that are as stellar as Apple’s own. Each one is precisely crafted for a perfect fit from full-grain leather that’s soft to the touch yet incredibly durable. They coat your iPhone in a protective layer that isn’t too bulky.

Mujjo cases look terrific when you first start using them, and even better over time when they’ve had a chance to patina. Every time you pick up a scuff or spill a spot of coffee, you add character that makes your Mujjo case unlike all the others.

Mujjo case iPhone X
Leather looks better with a bit of wear.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The full leather case offers simple scratch protection with some impact protection that will help keep your iPhone X protected during a fall. The full leather wallet case is the same, with an added pouch on its back that lets you carry credit or debit cards and leave your wallet at home.

Both cases cover your iPhone X’s physical buttons to keep them free from dust, without making them difficult to press, and their front edges extend just enough to prevent your iPhone’s display from making contact with flat surfaces when you place it face-down.

Mujjo’s cases also cover the bottom corners of your device, but leave its speakers and Lightning port exposed for easy access. They leave the mute switch exposed so that you can still operate it easily with the edge of a fingernail.

The full leather case is my favorite

The more affordable full leather Mujjo case, without the wallet, is my favorite. It’s more affordable, and its simpler design is slimmer and easier to slip into your pocket. It’s also more suitable for those of us in the U.K. and other markets where “contactless payments” are commonplace.

Mujjo case iPhone X
Some cards spoil Apple Pay.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

You see, when you stick a credit or debit card that’s NFC-compatible inside the full leather wallet case, it prevents you from using Apple Pay. Because when you tap your iPhone against a contactless payment terminal, it typically charges your card over your iPhone — or it gets confused.

This isn’t an issue for those in the U.S., where payment technology is stuck in the past — but it is a pain for those of us who use contactless payment cards and Apple Pay frequently. It’s easier to just keep your iPhone and your cards separately.

If you carry payment cards that aren’t NFC-compatible, you have nothing to worry about; Apple Pay works just as well as normal. You can squeeze up to three cards into the wallet — though two is more comfortable — and you won’t have to worry about it falling apart because it’s so well-made.

Mujjo iPhone cases are more affordable

What’s really great about Mujjo’s full leather case is that it’s slightly more affordable than Apple’s — if you buy it from Amazon. There’s only a $5 difference, however, so you’ll have to decide whether you’d rather spend a little more for the metal buttons you get with the official option.

Mujjo case iPhone X
As good as Apple’s, but without the metal buttons.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s only wallet option is the folio case for iPhone X, which is $99. Mujjo’s leather wallet is half that price, and it doesn’t have a fiddly front cover that gets in your way.

Both options are available in black, gray, tan, and olive and you can buy them using the links below. Mujjo also offers an iPhone X sleeve — and other cases for older iPhones.

Mujjo Full Leather Case — Amazon

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet — Amazon


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