Accessory maker promises iOS 11.3 release this week


iPhone X Animoji
Animoji are too much fun!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

iOS 11.3’s public debut is right around the corner, according to one iPhone accessory maker.

Shure, which manufactures iPhone microphone add-ons, told its followers on Twitter that a fix for its buggy accessories would be available with Apple’s next major update this week.

Apple teased its big iOS 11.3 update late last month and promised it would rollout to everyone this spring. The company has issued a series of public and developer betas since then. Now Shure says that iOS 11.3 is ready to make its big debut.

iOS 11.3 brings big new features

In response to complaints from users who are having issues with iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Shure blamed the issue on Apple and promised a fix is coming in iOS 11.3. Its tweet, which has now been removed, said the update would be available this week.

iOS 11.3 won’t just fix Shure mics. It includes a host of new features and improvements, including new Animoji, Business Chat for iMessage, and Health Records in the Health app. It also gives older iPhone owners the ability to choose between better battery life of the best possible performance.

Don’t get your hopes up just yet

Don’t get your hopes up for an imminent iOS 11.3 release just yet. Apple has been making big improvements with each beta release, but the update still doesn’t feel like it’s ready for its public debut. Bugs and glitches still remain in the company’s most recent beta release.

What’s more, the most recent beta still includes Apple’s Feeback app. The company normally removes this in its final beta release before making an update available to everyone.

If you ask us, iOS 11.3 is still several weeks away from making its official debut — but Apple could surprise us.