Sonos offers 2 speakers for the price of a HomePod

Sonos offers 2 speakers for the price of a HomePod


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Sonos just made HomePod seem even more expensive with a new deal that gets you two Sonos One speakers for the same $349.

The promotion is available “for a limited time,” Sonos says — but it will surely be around long enough to make life harder for HomePod initially.

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Some say you’d be crazy to buy HomePod for $349 when you can get an Amazon Echo — with an even better virtual assistant — for less than a third of the price. Others say its cutting-edge technology makes HomePod an absolute steal.

If you’re one of the many who have convinced themselves HomePod is worth $349, your purchase just got a little bit harder, thanks to Sonos.

Get two Sonos One speakers for $349

For the same $349 price as one HomePod, you can now buy two Sonos One speakers. They deliver the sound quality we’ve come to expect from Sonos devices, alongside Amazon’s excellent Alexa assistant — which is more more powerful than Siri.

Sonos also points out that its speakers are “open,” unlike HomePod, which almost certainly won’t let you play music from Spotify, Tidal, or any service that isn’t Apple Music.

“Since our early days, we’ve been agnostic about the sources of music and audio you can hear on Sonos, preferring to stay open-minded and let you make the choice,” the company writes in a blog post titled, “Why Open Matters.”

Indeed, the Sonos One gives you freedom of choice. You can use it to enjoy Apple Music if you like, as well as Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Deezer, and many more. It boasts more than 80 streaming partners in total.

“This spirit of openness is as crucial to us and our products as it is to the free flow of creativity and culture in general,” Sonos continues. “It’s not just about having dozens of music streaming options, either. We’re busy extending the Sonos platform to other partners and integrations.”

AirPlay 2 is one of those integrations on the way.

Limited-time deal

Sonos hasn’t confirmed exactly how long its $349 deal will run for. We expect it to stick around beyond HomePod’s launch on February 9, though.

You’ll be able to take advantage of the deal tomorrow through, where one Sonos One speaker usually costs $200.

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