Apple shuttle buses come under repeated attack


Someone is breaking the windows on Apple's buses.
Someone is breaking the windows on Apple's buses.
Photo: Fränz Bous/Flickr CC

The shuttle buses that ferry Apple’s employees from San Francisco to Cupertino are coming under fire.

Not from anti-gentrification protestors but from some unknown person that keeps shattering bus windows as they’re cruising the freeway.

At least four separate buses have suffered broken windows in the last few weeks. Apple has reportedly been forced to reroute its buses, causing delays of up to 45 minutes for some commuters.

In an email to employees, Apple said its working with local law enforcement to investigate the incidents. One of the incidents reportedly happened outside of Woodside while another happened outside of Los Altos Hills.

Police that spoke to Mashable say it’s unknown what is being used to break Apple’s bus windows, but one Apple employees suggested it could be rubber bullets. It could be that rocks are being used to break the windows. Either way, it could do some serious damage if someone on the inside was hit.

Apple faced some backlash for its shuttle buses a few years ago because they were parking in public bus stops and clogging the roads. The company reached an agreement with San Francisco to pay to use the bus stops thanks to pressure from protestors.