The HyperDrive hub is a MacBook owner's dream

The HyperDrive hub is a MacBook owner’s dream


If you have a MacBook, you need a HyperDrive.
Photo: HyperDrive

The HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB-C hub is a MacBook owner’s dream. With all the ports you’ll ever need on the go, plus a built-in Qi charging pad, it’s ideal for connecting all your peripherals and keeping your iPhone topped up at all times.

Apple wants a world in which a USB-C port is all you ever need. But we’re not there yet, so if you own a new MacBook or MacBook Pro, you’re going to need a dongle or hub to connect the long-list of devices you own that don’t use USB-C.

The HyperDrive hub has it all

The HyperDrive hub is the answer. With three USB 3.1 ports, 4K HDMI, Ethernet, and a microSD and SD card reader, connecting all your devices is easy. There’s also a USB-C port for power delivery so you can keep your MacBook charged, and a built-in Qi charging pad.

That means that you can place your iPhone down on the HyperDrive while you’re working and you’ll never have to worry about its battery dying before the end of the day. The pad sits flat, or you can tilt it so that your iPhone stands in an upright position.

HyperDrive is already a Kickstarter hit

The HyperDrive just hit Kickstarter today, and it has already surpassed its $100,000 funding goal. But there’s still plenty of time to claim yours before the campaign ends. A pledge of $99 will get you one with $60 off its final retail price.

Alternatively, you can pledge $158 for two HyperDrives — one for you and one for a friend — and save 50 percent.