Linksys mesh Wi-Fi system gets Apple’s stamp of approval


Mesh networks are the future of Wi-Fi.
Photo: Linksys

Stick a fork in Apple’s router business. It looks dead.

In another sign that Apple is just too damn busy to update its outdated AirPort line of routers, the company is now selling a new mesh router system made by Linksys.

Apple hasn’t updated the AirPort Extreme since 2013, while its older AirPort models were last updated in 2012. The technology behind the AirPort Express and TimeCapsule routers is fairly old, considering most companies have moved toward mesh networks that bring more even Wi-Fi coverage to households.

Shoppers can now buy the Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System from Apple’s online and retail stores. The mesh router package comes with two bases for $349, or you can get a 3 pack for $499.

In a statement to 9to5Mac, Apple says it’s not going to stop selling AirPort products quite yet.

“People love our AirPort products and we continue to sell them. Connectivity is important in the home and we are giving customers yet another option that is well suited for larger homes.”

  • NewLondon Bowtie

    Shame, loved the airports, mainly the express and time capsule for air play and backups. Just a shame they didn’t move with it and update the internals

    • Richard Swanson

      Don’t the current Extreme and Express support the current “AC” technology? If so, what would new internals do? I have an Extreme for wi-fi and an Express I use as a print server, works great.

      • NewLondon Bowtie

        Well 2013, AC was great, loved the fact they updated them. But it would have been nice to see at least 1 thunderbolt port on there for faster connectivity.

        The extreme is a file and backup server and the express is a print server and airplay receiver, which work great! Can’t fault them, except for the spotty connectivity, 2 base stations at the front, and center, covering my 3 bedroomed house and it’s still not enough to cover the building, sometimes devices do drop off the network, so it would have been nice to introduce mesh networking to the AirPorts, in 2016 or 17 if they released mesh networked AirPorts with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, a WLAN Port it would have been a great product.

        Maybe Airplay as a standard too but that might have been pushing it in the advent of HomePod

  • Wilco10815

    Does it work with Time Machine?

  • If we can manage them using airport utility that would be great. It is just so easy to set up Apple wifi products with just a phone.