The Fibaro Button controls HomeKit devices with just a tap


Fibaro Button HomeKit
Trigger HomeKit commands with just a tap.
Photo: Fibaro

CES 2018 bugIt’s easier than ever to control your HomeKit devices thanks to the Fibaro Button. You can use it to shutdown all your smart devices with just a tap, or to trigger a scene in an instant. It’s small and simple, yet surprisingly powerful.

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The Button is less than two inches big and comes in a variety of colors, so it’s ideal for any room. It’s powered by a replaceable battery and requires no wires, and it can recognize up to six different actions. It’s also the first Fibaro Button compatible with HomeKit.

One Button supports six actions

You can assign simpler actions — like turning lights on and off — to a single Button click. Other tasks — like turning on the air conditioning, unlocking a door, or activating the alarm — can be assigned to two, three, four, five, or six clicks.

The Button can also trigger a complete scene, so you could use three clicks to start your day by turning on the lights, opening the blinds, activating the coffee machine, and more.

The Button means you don’t have to fiddle around with your phone just to perform simple actions, and unlike your iPhone, anyone can use it to control smart devices around your home. You might even use the Button as an alert system.

Unlike other devices with similar functionality, the Fibaro Button does not require a gateway, hub, or bridge for connectivity. It will go on sale soon, and we’ll find out then how much it costs. The existing model is available for $49.99, but it isn’t compatible with HomeKit.

Elgato’s Eve Button does a similar job

If you’re looking for something that looks a littler fancier, Elgato just unveiled a device that does a similar job. It’s called the Eve Button, and it can control up to three HomeKit devices simultaneously — without a middleman hub.

The Eve Button sports an anodized aluminum housing that Apple would be proud of, and it’s already on sale for $49.95. If you don’t need the satisfying click of a physical button, then the Eve Button looks like a better option.

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