Apple Watch 3 has a serious hospital problem


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Apple Watch Series 3 doesn't like visiting hospitals.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Take your Apple Watch Series 3 into hospital and it could suffer a few health problems of its own. Users are reporting that Apple’s latest wearable randomly reboots in a hospital environment, and it appears specialist equipment is the cause.

Although the Apple Watch user guides notes that the device could suffer interference from medical devices, older models operated just fine in a hospital. Apple Watch Series 3 isn’t so lucky, with certain devices in intensive care units causing the device to crash.

Apple Watch 3 doesn’t like the ICU

The Apple Support Communities forum is littered with complaints from users who fine their Apple Watch reboots itself when used in the ICU. Devices with and without cellular connectivity appear to be affected by the issue.

“I have this same problem,” writes one user. “Notice the restarting only while at work (in a hospital). While at the hospital, restarts randomly and throughout the day.”

“I can also confirm this my Apple Watch 3 GPS+Cellular has been randomly restarting every time I go to visit my sick father in a hospital.,” writes another. “I have too [sic] reset my watch when I get home as to continues to restart randomly at home.”

Apple notes that a “pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other medical device” can interfere with “components and radios that emit electromagnetic fields.” However, it does not mention that random reboots could be a symptom.

It’s strange that the issue appears to plague Apple Watch Series 3 units exclusive, and not their predecessors. It’s not yet clear whether the problem can be solved with a software update.

We’re reached out to Apple for more information and we’ll update this post when we get a response.

Via: 9to5Mac

  • Tech neutral

    I have Apple Watch 3. I also work in a hospital and wear it to work. Actually a lot of my colleagues who work in the ICU, telemetry and obviously folks with pace makers have Apple Watches and a few series 3s. Nobody has such problems. Now I’m curious as to what kind of equipment may be causing such problems .

    • Laura

      My watch has the restart issue. Actually, 2 separate watches as they sent me a replacement before I isolated the problem to work. Out of curiosity, what brand of telemetry unit does your hospital use? Ours are Phillips, and my watch restarts when I’m in or near ICU, emergency and one of the patient towers (there are only 2 towers, but there are telemetry units on the 4th floor of the tower that I experience the reboots on). Last shift I spent over an hour on various floors of that tower and the whole time I was there the watch had the apple symbol showing and was unusable. As soon as I got down to the main hallway the clock face reappeared, I put in my code and it was usable until I got into the emergency department. It’s frustrating, but more importantly, I hope that the watch is not affecting the equipment!

  • Zeke88

    I experienced to bike crashes this last year. One of those involve 30 hours in the ICU. The other I need hours stay in the emergency room. I encountered no problems with my series 3 watch.