Samsung Announces Two Dual-Screen, 14MP Point-And-Shoots



Samsung have just announced two new mid-range compact digicams with a novel twist: a screen embedded in the front to assist with your subjects’ posing, activated with a simple tap.

Called the ST100 and ST600, both cameras feature 14MP sensors, ISO levels up to 3200 (you’ll be lucky to get acceptable images at a fourth of that) and come with KREUZNACH lenses featuring optical and digital image stabilization, as well as five degrees of optical zoom.

Those lenses are the only thing that really distinguish the ST100 from the ST600: the 27mm ST600 has a wider-angle lens than the 35mm ST100, and is also a bit more sensitive to light thanks to the ST600’s f4.9 aperture, compared to the ST100’s f6.3.

Both the Samsung ST600 and ST100 will be available in September and are, of course, fully Mac-compatible. Expect the ST600 to cost $349.99, while the ST100 will cost just $20 less.