Apple will give you more cash for your dusty old Mac


2016 MacBook Pro
You could get up to $2,500 for your MacBook Pro.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has increased its trade-in values for a bunch of old Mac models. Machines released in 2009 and later could now earn you up to $2,500. That’s a generous $1,000 more than the previous limit.

If you were thinking about treating yourself to a new Mac this Christmas, Apple just made it a whole lot easier — at least for those who have an old machine to trade in. In partnership with buyback company Phobio, the company now offers more cash for aging models.

Apple increases trade-in values

Here’s what you could make on machines released in 2009 or later:

  • MacBook — up to $1,110
  • MacBook Air — up to $430
  • MacBook Pro — up to $2,500
  • iMac — up to $2,500
  • Mac Pro — up to $1,560

Getting a price for your machine is easy: Simple visit the Phobio website, enter your Mac’s serial number, and answer some questions about its condition. If you’re happy with the quote, you then send off your machine for inspection.

Assuming there are no issues, your payment will be issued in the form of your choosing. Options include an Apple Store gift card, PayPal or a virtual prepaid Visa card.

You could make more elsewhere

We should mention you could still make more cash elsewhere. Machines in good condition are likely to fetch more on eBay and other online marketplaces. But trading in is a good way to avoid the hassle of such listings, potential payment problems and hefty fees.

You can also sell your old Mac to us. Cult of Mac runs its own buyback program, and we typically pay more than the likes of Apple, Gazelle, NextWorth and GameStop. We’ll even offer cash for broken devices, unlike Apple.

7 responses to “Apple will give you more cash for your dusty old Mac”

  1. John Kerr says:

    This article is very misleading. I’m not sure what kind of machines quality for the generous “$1,000 more than the previous limit”, but I have two 13′ inch MacBook Pro’s – one from 2013 and the other from 2013, retina displays and well-above average set-ups and the offerings are $335 and $320 respectively. These laptops are in excellent shape. Perhaps more details about what gets someone in a $2,500 range would be help…

  2. John Kerr says:

    Sorry, my post should say, “one from 2013 and the other from 2012”, but $330 but a $327 ave for two machines in very good condition is a long way from a grand, much less $2,500.

  3. Ctrl A says:

    OK just put through the following and got these offers:
    Apple iMac Core i7 3.4 GHz 27″ Al (Late 2012) 3TB Fusion: $500
    Apple Thunderbolt Display (Mid 2011): $80
    Cinema display: $80

    Tried gazelle and was quoted $679 for the imac and $96 for the display…

  4. sbimos says:

    Perfect condition MBP 17″ i5 2010 = $180
    +1 tiny scratch = $85

    Gazelle = $275

    Ones that don’t even turn on go for 10x that on Ebay.

  5. digitaldumdum says:

    “Apple will give you more cash for your dusty old Mac”

    Is the Macbook Pro shown in the photo supposed to be a “dusty old Mac?” If so, I’ll gladly take it. Killian, what’s going on with your posts these days? Between this and the “ten things I hate about iPhone X” bit, I think you must be puffing some poor-grade ganja.

  6. JohnnyF1ve says:

    $610 for my maxed out 2013 MBP. LOL. Thanks, no thanks.