Things 3.3 lets you email tasks to your to-do list

Things 3.3 lets you email tasks to your to-do list


Mail to Things
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Things from Cultured Code is arguably the best task management app on Mac and iOS. And with its latest update, you have the ability to add new items to your to-do list by email. It’s easier than ever to remember those important tasks.

We’ve all had emails that we need to follow up on, but in most cases, we forget about them as soon as we’ve closed them. If we’re organized, we’ll add them to our to-do list before they’ve been pushed out of our minds — but that can be complicated.

If you’re a Things user, it previously meant closing that important email to open the Things app, then trying to remember what it is you need to do and when. The important details were no longer at your fingertips, so there was a lot of switching back and forth.

Things 3.3 brings ‘Mail to Things’

That’s all changed, thanks to Things 3.3. The latest version of the app has a new feature aptly named Mail to Things. It makes it possible to email tasks to your to-do list, so you don’t have to forget those important emails ever again.

To activate the feature, open the Things Cloud settings menu, then enable Mail to Things. Add the email address you’re given to your contacts list so you don’t have to remember it. You can then forward messages to this address to add them to your to-do list.

The subject of the email becomes the title of your task, and the rest of it is added to the notes.

Mail to Things
How to use Mail to Things.
Photo: Cultured Code

You can now add tasks from anywhere

Mail to Things doesn’t just make it easier to keep on top of important emails. It also means you can now add tasks to your to-do list from anywhere, like your Windows PC at work, which the Things app doesn’t support.

You can also use the feature to create workflows using services like Workflow, IFTTT, and Zapier.

Download Things 3.3 now

Things 3.3 for iOS is available to download from the App Store now. It’s a free update if you’re already a Things user, or $9.99 if you’re not. Things 3.3 is also available for macOS, where it’s priced at $49.99 for new users.