Gmail app now supports iPhone X, third-party accounts

Gmail app adds support for iPhone X, third-party accounts


Get your hands on the latest Gmail update now.
Photo: Google

Google is hard at work updating all its apps for iPhone X. Gmail is the latest to embrace the Super Retina HD display — and the update also brings support for third-party email accounts.

Google has updated a bunch of apps for iPhone X already, despite being one of Apple’s biggest rivals. Its entire Google Docs suite was optimized last week, while updates for YouTube, Waze and other apps came even earlier.

Now Gmail is iPhone X-friendly

Now Gmail, one of the search giant’s most popular iOS apps, is also iPhone X-friendly. It takes full advantage of the handset’s glorious edge-to-edge display, so you no longer must endure ugly letterboxing.

And that’s not all. Google also added support for third-party mail services, so you can use the Gmail app to access all your accounts. iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook and others are available following a beta test launched in October.

You can download the latest version of the Gmail app from the App Store now.