Sleek battery pack doubles as a wireless charger [Deals]


Qi Wireless Power Bank
Take this power bank anywhere and charge your iPhone 8 and X wirelessly
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As far back as Nikola Tesla, people have dreamed of powering devices wirelessly. Somehow we’ve gained a lot of other technological wonders before that, but wireless charging is now a thing. And it’s getting a lot more portable.

The JS Wireless Power Bank is part portable battery, part wireless charging hub. It’s compatible with any Qi-enabled device, which includes iPhone 8 and X, Galaxy S8 and more. So anywhere you can be a charging station. Additionally, multiple ports means you can charge up to three devices at once without an outlet. An LED signals when your device is charging, and a built-in sensor switches to idle mode when not in use. A 6000mAh capacity means it carries plenty of juice, up to 4 cycles per charge.

Buy now: Pick up a JS Wireless Power Bank for $58.00 with coupon code: GIFTSHOP15. That’s 30 percent off the usual price.