iPhone X owners hit by ‘Green Line of Death’


iPhone X
Should we call it GreenGate?
Photo: Nate Heagy/Twitter

Apple may have a bit of a screen problem with the iPhone X.

It wouldn’t be an iPhone launch without some sort of “Gate” plaguing devices. Even though iPhone X has only been out for a week, it looks like the “Green Line of Death” is set to be this year’s overblown disaster.

A number of iPhone X owners across the country are reportedly being affected by an issue with the OLED screen on the iPhone X that causes a green line to appear on the side of the display. Owners are taking to Apple’s support forums and Twitter to post their complaints but Apple has stayed silent on the issue so far.

The Green Line of Death

The green line issue isn’t visible when iPhone X units are taken out of the box but it pops up in later use. It also doesn’t appear to be limited to a specific carrier model or storage amount.

Even though there are dozens of reports of the green line of death issue on the internet, it appears to be affecting only a very small fraction of a percentage of new iPhone X units. Considering Apple just launched millions of units with a new OLED screen, there are bound to be some faulty displays. Even if only .001% of displays are bad, that can appear to be a lot when you’re trying to sell 80 million iPhones in a quarter.

TechCrunch has a good theory on what’s causing the green line, saying it appears to be an electrical fault that is making the voltage flow incorrectly on a line of green subpixels. Samsung had a similar problem on a few displays last year, except the line was pink.

Apple didn’t reply to our request for comment. If your iPhone X does have a green line on it, the company will swap it out for free at your local Apple store.

  • tjwolf

    Why is it a line of “death” if the device still works?

    • Richard Massey

      Because Microsoft “red ring of death” became ubiquitous…
      and no one can risk not having a great lede.

      • BusterH

        also blue screen of death from Windows PCs

      • Jay

        yes but those are deaths the because the devices are useless afterwards.

  • Why the line is green not red or other colors?

  • Daniel Leighton

    The problem isn’t JUST with the green line. In my case, at least, if I open an app with a white background (an email, say, with a lot of blank white space, I can see very subtle discoloration throughout the screen, such as very light green horizontal bands. Also, the green line is SO bright, that it affects the entire screen overall, rendering blacks in some images with a greenish cast. Any others seeing this?