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Shocker! Some Apple stores still have iPhone X on hand


iPhone launch line at San Francisco store
The iPhone X hasn't yet sold out at San Francisco's flagship store.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

Availability of the iPhone X seems to be better than expected. While the phone was predicted to sell out almost instantly, there seems to be a good supply at some Apple stores.

The big flagship store in San Francisco’s Union Square appears to have plenty of phones still in stock, according to Traci Dauphin, my wife, who just left the store.

iPhone X line in San Francisco
The line for the iPhone X at Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

“There seems to be no shortages of phones,” she said. “The lines are much shorter now and they think they will have enough phones left for another few hours today.”

She spoke to Apple staff at the store, and to shoppers in the long line snaking around the block, who had been assured they weren’t waiting in vain.

iPhone X available in other cities, too

In addition, we’re seeing scattered reports of iPhone X available in other cities. Twitter user Jarin Udom said the 256GB iPhone X is still in stock at Fashion Valley Apple Store in San Diego (as of 1:10 p.m. Pacific).

And there seems to be supply at the big flagship store in Chicago on Michigan Avenue.

“The Chicago Michigan Ave store seems to have good stock of iPhone X (X’s?). They did a reservation for me right in line,” reported another Twitter user, Micah Maziar, at about 11 a.m. Pacfic.

“Apple Store in Roseville has iPhone X in stock!” reported @Campyonlyguy on Twitter. “They reserved one for me — I go back later this afternoon to pick up and activate it. #dayone.”

iPhone X shipping dates improve

There have been many reports of preorders with accelerated shipping schedules. Phones scheduled to arrive at the middle of the month are now scheduled to arrive in a week, and some today. Also, online shipping times have improved, going from five to six weeks to three to four weeks.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said during Apple’s quarterly earnings call Thursday that production of the phone is improving “week by week.” Apple expects to see record-setting holiday sales, indicating that the company excepts to largely meet iPhone X demand.

According to my wife, the current wait time for those in line at the Union Square store is about two to three hours.

The store also expects a fresh batch of iPhone Xs on Saturday.

“The Apple guy I talked with said that they will probably have more phones tomorrow, so they are probably getting a new shipment tonight,” she said.