iPhone DSLR Mounts Your Canon SLR Lenses In The Pursuit of Pointlessness



We’ve seen SLR lenses inexplicably Frankensteined onto iPhones before, but the “iPhone DSLR prototype” might just end up being final word on grafting an SLR lens onto an iPhone.

The iPhone DSLR is a 1.1lb mount made of anodized billet aluminum with dual handle grips and a tripod mount capable of filtering the light from a Canon SLR lens into the iPhone’s tiny sensor.

Personally, I’m not quite sure I get the point: no matter how good the lens, an iPhone’s picture is ultimately going to be hobbled by its tiny, noisy sensor. I suppose, as usual, this is a “because it’s there” proposition. But where would geek ingenuity be if not for the gleeful solving of imaginary and utterly surreal problems? God bless the Internet.