iPhone X’s Face ID can’t be fooled by identical twins


Face ID iPhone X
Ensure Face ID is as fast as it can be.
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Face ID on the iPhone X is so accurate, not even identical twins can fool it.

Reviewers now have their hands on the device ahead of its launch on Friday, which means we’re finding out new things about its awesome new features. Its Touch ID replacement isn’t perfect, it seems, but it’s darn impressive.

Like Touch ID in the early days, Face ID has been greeted by mixed opinions. It’s terrific when it works, according to the first reviews, but it doesn’t always work. It seems it’s accurate inside where its infrared sensor works well, but it struggles outdoors on a sunny day.

One thing we can be sure of is that it’s super-secure. Face ID cannot be fooled by photos like Samsung’s facial recognition technology, and Apple says there’s a 1 in 1 million chance that a random person could unlock your phone with their face.

Face ID can tell identical twins apart

Not even someone who looks just like you will get into your iPhone X. Business Insider put its accuracy to the test by placing an iPhone X in the hands of identical twins.

One twin registered his face with Face ID, then the other twin tried to unlock the iPhone. The results were surprising.

“When we meet people initially, they always do a double-take and are unable to tell us apart,” said Brian Fieber. Yet it seems Face ID has no trouble.

“I was pretty shocked that the iPhone X could really pick apart the details between me and my brother considering some of our own family members can’t tell us apart,” he continued.

5 responses to “iPhone X’s Face ID can’t be fooled by identical twins”

  1. Fryferd BOI says:

    I dont see why everyone is surprised. Apple clearly said in the keynote that “We hope you don’t have an evil twin” stating that face ID can be fooled

    • SM says:

      They’re surprised because it IS able to tell them apart. Read the article again

      • According to a Mashable video involving two sets of identical twins, it can’t tell them apart. There are mixed signals from various outlets. Probably dependent on several circumstances.

      • SM says:

        That’s really interesting. I also have my phone lying flat on the table and check my notifications and respond to messages that way. I wonder if FaceID works when you’re facing it sort of “diagonally”

  2. pjs_socal says:

    It’s actually looking like some twins confuse Face ID.

    I’ve seen posts in which pairs of twins can fool Face ID and others where they can’t. I think the bottom line is, if you have an identical twin, your mileage may vary.