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Report: Steve Jobs Knew About Antenna Problems in 2009


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Did the iPhone 4’s slim design trump functionality? That’s the suggestion of a Bloomberg report claiming Apple CEO Steve Jobs overruled the objections of engineer Ruben Caballero about possible reception problems. The report, citing unnamed sources, comes ahead of a Friday news conference Apple has called possibly to address headline-grabbing issues about drop calls.

According to the Thursday report, senior Apple engineer Caballero in 2009 raised the possibility with Apple executives that a Jonathan Ive-design “may cause reception problems.” Just prior to the iPhone 4’s June 24 release, a carrier also raised the same concerns, Bloomberg reports.

After the iPhone 4’s bezel design was picked by Jobs and other Apple execs, Caballero, an antenna expert, told the company leaders it “might lead to dropped calls and presented a serious engineering challenge.” Since its introduction, Apple has tried to fend-off suggestions the design was causing dropped calls due to the way the iPhone was held. Earlier this week, Consumer Reports decided not to recommend the new iPhone based on its own tests confirming the reception issues.

Apple declined any comment on the story.

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