iOS 11 already has more users than iOS 10

iOS 11 already has more users than iOS 10


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iOS 12 could pack a ton of big surprises.
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iOS 11 has already overtaken iOS 10, less than a month after making its public debut.

Last year’s release is still installed on over 45 percent of devices, but its reach has been falling rapidly since September 19. Users are clearly keen to get their hands on Apple’s latest software features and improvements.

iOS 11 brings a whole host of big changes to iPhone and iPad. You can now customize the Control Center, multitask in all-new ways, and manage your favorite apps with the brand new Dock. There are new markup tools for Apple Pencil, and a file management app.

Unlike a big Android update, iOS 11 was made available to all compatible devices on the same day. We don’t have to wait for third-party tweaks and carrier approval. And iPhone and iPad owners have been updating in droves.

iOS 11 is now bigger than iOS 10

It took less than three weeks for iOS 11 to make its way to 47.09 percent of devices and overtake iOS 10, according to data from Mixpanel. The update has now been adopted by 48.68 percent of users, while iOS 10’s adoption rate has fallen to 45.39 percent.

Just 5.93 percent are running older versions of Apple’s software. It’s likely the vast majority of these users are still holding onto devices that aren’t compatible with iOS 10 or iOS 11.

iOS 10 adoption was faster

iOS 11’s reach has been impressive during its first few weeks of availability. But iOS 10 took off a little faster.

During the same period last year, more than 58 percent of iPhone and iPad owners had grabbed the iOS 10 update. This left iOS 9 with less than 35 percent of the install base.