Name your price for 5 performance-enhancing Mac apps, feat. TechTool Pro [Deals]


These five apps can up your Mac's performance and productivity, for whatever you're willing to pay.
These five apps can up your Mac's performance and productivity, for whatever you're willing to pay.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Your Mac comes out of the box as a lean, mean computing machine. But any Mac is only as useful as the apps you put on it. That makes this bundle of Mac apps worth checking out. In addition to including various ways of improving the performance and productivity possibilities of your Mac, the Fab 5 Mac App Bundle is available for whatever you’re willing to pay. Read on for details.

TechTool Pro 9.5: Full Version

TechTool Pro 9.5 is a full-spectrum diagnostic tool. It goes beyond basic diagnostics, testing core components of your Mac, including its motherboard. Everything from sensors to RAM to fans are assessed for their performance. You can also create a bootable diagnostic device for testing in the field.

RapidWeaver 7

Building a lovely, fully functional website doesn’t require knowing how to code. RapidWeaver 7 makes it easy to build working sites without any HTML. That’s true of everything from a simple personal site to a thriving online store. Accounting for mobile responsive layouts, SEO optimization and more, everything is done through a simple, accessible interface.

Hands Off!

We live at a time when online security has never been more relevant. Hands Off! controls the access of web applications to your network and disks so you can make informed decisions about who and what gets access to your data. So you can easily prevent applications from reading, writing, erasing, or transmitting information without your knowledge.

AfterShot Pro 3

If you want the highest quality results from digital photos, you have to work with the uncompressed RAW format. That means very large files. AfterShot Pro 3 uses an efficient RAW converter to seamlessly upload, edit, and manage high-quality photos without inflicting any lossiness. It’s a great way to enhance photo quality without losing out on drive space.

MacCleanse 6

Many of us are less-than-tidy housekeepers when it comes to the files on our Mac. Downloading this app is like hiring a cleaning crew for your computer. It comes with a range tools for finding and deleting any files clogging up your drive and slowing down your machine. That includes fragments from incomplete uninstallations, residual logs, caches, plug-ins, app histories, and lots more.

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