Apple Watch Series 2 has been discontinued


You can still buy it from third-party retailers... for now.
Photo: Apple

Apple has discontinued Apple Watch Series 2 following the unveiling of its successor earlier this week. Series 1 models are still available, and will be sticking around for the foreseeable future as a more affordable alternative to Series 3.

Series 2 was a significant upgrade over the original Apple Watch, adding GPS connectivity, a much faster dual-core processor, a brighter display, a bigger battery, and improved water-resistance that lets you take it swimming.

But to widen the gap between its cheapest and most expensive Apple Watch offerings, Apple has ditched Series 2 altogether. It has been removed from the Apple online store completely, and likely won’t be available from Apple retail stores, either.

If you require the features above, you’ll need to purchase Series 3 instead, which will start at $330 without cellular connectivity. Add LTE to the mix and the price shoots up to $400 — plus an additional monthly fee for wireless service (from your carrier).

The only other option is a Series 1 device, which is now more affordable at $280. However, this has the same display as the original Apple Watch, it does not offer a GPS, it has a smaller battery, and it’s only splash-resistant, so you can’t take it swimming.

Of course, you can still buy Series 2 devices from third-party retailers for now — and we recommend you do that as soon as possible if this is the device you want. Once supplies have been depleted, they won’t be coming back.

  • Daniel Hertlein

    I noticed during the keynote. The cellular model is the one I need but I really don’t like that red stem.

    • Jay

      With one hr of talk time? Technically after 30mins you’re at 50% battery…

  • Jay

    Why not kill off gen 1 and keep gen 2 and 3.. oh right ’s getting even more money hunrgy..

    • Chad Dustin

      Almost makes you think they are in business to make money. ^^ hmmm ^^

      • Jay

        They shouldn’t make it so obvious lol.

  • Josh Sanfilippo

    Series 2 is available in the refurbished section of the Apple Store.

  • Unrehearsedtiff

    Will the Series 2 still be supported?

    • Chang Ye

      I was gonna ask the same question. But I would assume so, kind of messed up not doing so considering how well it sold.