Poll: Which new iPhone do you plan to buy?


iPhone 8 Plus
Will anyone buy the new iPhones 8?
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new iPhone X looks like an absolute dream. But with its ungodly price tag and delayed launch date, many Apple fans are starting to think the iPhone 8 and its bigger sibling might not be such a bad deal after all.

After today’s keynote, we writers here at Cult of Mac are more split than ever on which new iPhone truly deserves our money, so we’re curious which iPhone you plan to buy once pre-orders open up.

Vote in our poll below:

The iPhone X won’t be available in stores until November 3, giving cash-strapped fans a bit more time to save up for their purchase. Hardly anyone buys an iPhone at full price anymore though, so maybe the cost is being overblown.

Tell us in the comments below why you’re picking the phone you voted on.

  • Nathan Martinez

    iPhone 8 Plus, I want the physically larger phone.

  • Framz Ferdomamd

    Of course they will by them. The X is really not special enough to warrant the pricing and I do think that the face recognition isn’t going to go over real well.

  • James Alexander

    iPhone X all the way

    • Chris

      ILL TAKE 2 X’s

  • Julian Velasquez

    iPhone X. I want the latest and greatest. They don’t call me an early adopter for nothing. Lol.

  • MarkDeMaio

    iPHONE X 256GB

  • Jeff

    iPhone 8 Plus. No TouchID, no interest. TouchID has spoiled me. With my 7 Plus sitting on my desk, I can unlock it and check my email (for example) all without even picking up the phone. I don’t want a phone I have to pickup and look at in order to unlock it.

  • Undivided

    None of them. Ill wait unti 2018’s X release so apple can iron out the bugs ;)

    • ducktails

      But then there will be bugs with that phone to iron out so you might as well wait for the next version of that. I think its silly how people wait to iron out bugs. Its not like Apple releases crap. All products are prone to “bugs” no matter when they were released.

      • Undivided

        You miss my point. The X is a totally new phone. Anypne purchasing will be an early adopter. All the features that could not be on the X will fond their way to the 2018 iteration. Anyone who purchased an ipad mini was screwed when the mini2 was released with a retina display. It has nithing to do with apple releasing crap. Although the X was a bit underwhelming for me.