iPhone 8 will be missing one big feature everybody loves


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You're going to have to get used to life without Touch ID.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Since Apple revolutionized smartphones ten years ago, it has kept working to give us new technologies that keep changing the way we use mobile devices. One of those has become beloved by all iPhone fans, but you’re going to have to get used to life without it.

No, I’m not talking about the physical Home button, but rather Touch ID. A new report claims there’s no place for it in iPhone 8.

Fingerprint scanners were baked into mobile devices long before Apple delivered the iPhone 5s in 2013. But Touch ID popularized them by being super-fast, incredibly reliable, and more secure than passwords and PINs. Now almost every smartphone has one.

But the iPhone 8 won’t, according to The Wall Street Journal.

People familiar with Apple’s plans claim that the company has been unable to successfully integrate Touch ID into its next-generation handset’s OLED display. Rather than relocating it to the back of the device as some reports have suggested, it is doing away with it altogether.

Apple will instead encourage customers to use another biometric security option. Thanks to fancy 3D sensors and new cameras, the iPhone 8 will reportedly offer advanced facial recognition that’s two years ahead of anything we’ve seen before.

The Journal adds that due to the struggles Apple faced trying to implement Touch ID into a display, production of the iPhone 8 has been delayed. This could mean that we’ll see “extended supply shortfalls” when it launches, making it incredibly difficult to obtain.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Apple might ditch Touch ID, but now The Journal is reporting it’s all but confirmed — and it has an incredibly reliable track record. It seems it’s time to get used to the idea that fingerprint scanning won’t have a place in future iPhones.

  • T_Will

    I love Touch ID, but if Apple can make Face ID as secure, fast, and more reliable (works when hands are wet), then Face ID will be a huge winner in my book and I won’t miss Touch ID.

  • Jeff McLean

    I love touch id also but real concerned about how long it will take all the apps to switch to face id. I can’t imagine getting a new iphone 8 and having to enter passwords in on all those apps. Touch ID took awhile to implement on alot of apps and I wonder if it would be best to to go with a 7S to keep the same features I am so used to. Face ID I know will be great I just worry about how long the adoption will take.

    • T_Will

      I’d hope it would use the same security framework as Touch ID and wouldn’t require any update for an app to support Face ID.

  • Oscar Feliciano

    How exactly is this supposed to work with Apple Pay? Or in the dark? As far as Apple Pay is concerned, I believe that the banks have a say (and requirement) as to what is allowed for security reasons.

    • Phil

      It is using IR sensors so will work fine in the dark.

  • Alex

    This is such a bad move. Why would you remove one of the most secure features of your top selling product. WHY? Can’t see me upgrading now.

    • T_Will

      The theory that I’ve been reading is it’s actually more secure and faster than a reading a fingerprint.

      • ray bradley

        How’s that gonna work when you’re driving..not to good.. especially when you wake up in the morning,who wants a selfie every morning

      • T_Will

        I hope it will be able to scan the face at an angle, so it doesn’t have to be directly in front of you for it to unlock.

  • Alejandro Czeisler

    An excellent option would be to upgrade to the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus this year, and wait until next year for an improved iPhone 8.

  • CG

    I can’t see any way that facial ID would be as convenient to use as TouchID. Are you really going to want stick the phone in your face every time you want to unlock your iPhone? Most of the time, I use hold my iPhone in one hand and unlock with my thumb, so I can look at something on the screen. If I had to stick it in front of my face every single time I unlocked my phone, I would end up turning off FaceID altogether – which I assume would erase all of the credit card info, meaning you can’t just turn it off and on as needed. That’s something you shouldn’t have to worry about. You’d end up going out of the house with an unsecured iPhone (no Find My Phone, no passcode protection, etc.).

    If true, and completely replaced the TouchID…Apple, what were you thinking??

    Glad I have my iPhone 7 and will be keeping it for a long time (it’s my favorite model since number 1).

    • T_Will

      We’ll know more on Tuesday, but supposedly it will still be able to scan your face at a steep angle, meaning it could even be flat on a desk and still scan your face.