Is that an iPhone 8 in Tim Cook’s pocket?


Tim Cook
Tim Cook greeting employees at CTS.
Photo: Tim Cook

When Apple CEO Tim Cook paid a visit to testing equipment supplier CTS in Cincinnati this morning, he might have accidentally revealed that he’s already using an iPhone 8.

Cook tweeted a photo of himself talking to workers at the manufacturing facility, but the web is abuzz with what was hidden in his pocket. The outline of a device in his pocket appears to be an iPhone that’s too narrow to be an iPhone 7 Plus but too big to be an iPhone 7.

Check it out:

Considering that Apple’s next big product launch could be less than a month away, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if Cook is already packing a pre-release iPhone 8.

Unfortunately, he’s not wearing see-through pants that reveal all the device’s features. So, for now, fanboys will need to stay satisfied with reading into his bulge. At least until Apple hosts its grand iPhone 8 unveiling, which is rumored to happen September 12.

After his visit to Cincinnati, Cook stopped by Iowa, where Apple is building a $1.3 billion data center powered by renewable energy.

It looks like Cook made a wardrobe change between stops, though. In the picture he tweeted today with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, Cook is wearing a black suit. Unfortunately, you can’t make out any pre-release iPhone 8 lines.

  • Frank Malloy

    Actually it’s a Samsung Galaxy. The man knows his technology.

    • 2cents

      Cant be, its not burning a hole in his pocket !

      • Frank Malloy

        Well to get an iPhone 8 you better have $1,200 burning a hole in your pocket.

      • 1. It’s not public yet of how much this device is
        2. I forgot he’s the CEO :-)

      • DrMuggg

        Like the Samsunk Galaxy 8 is a cheapophone?

        And why the h*ll is it any of your business how much I pay for a phone?

  • Rod

    Is that an iPhone 8 in your pocket or are you just glad to see me :0

  • iHead

    I don’t want to know why people are staring at his bulge.

  • 5723alex .

    Too big for an iPhone 8 unless it is in a case. iPhone 8’s dimensions are ~equal to an iPhone 7.

    • Antonio

      iPhone 7 Plus?

  • NoNonsense74

    Thats iPhone 8 100% ! I don’t see the home button ! (;-P)

  • I love how all the workers in the back ground look like they are so happy to see Tim Cook