Blurry photo might confirm iPhone 8 Touch ID fears


iPhone 8 Foxconn box

Photo: Feng

An apparent iPhone 8 photo straight out of Foxconn has confirmed one of our biggest fears for Touch ID: It will be relocated to the back of the device.

Apple has been working to embed its fingerprint scanner into the iPhone’s display, but it seems the technology won’t be ready in time for this year’s big refresh.

A number of iPhone 8 leaks have suggested that Touch ID could be relocated to the back of the device, with no room for a physical Home button on its front — thanks to a larger edge-to-edge display. Now that’s been all but confirmed by this leaked photo.

Published on a Chinese forum, the image shows a bunch of iPhone 8 unibodies in Foxconn packaging. Beneath the Apple logo, a circular cutout, which will almost certainly hold a fingerprint scanner, can be seen. We also get a glimpse at its dual camera lens.

If indeed this image is genuine — and it’s a big “if” — then Touch ID will have a temporary home on the back of the iPhone until Apple and its partners work out how to produce fingerprint-scanning displays in large quantities.

But don’t be too disappointed. It’s not the worst place for a fingerprint scanner to be, since you already place your hands on the back of your phone when you use it. Those who have used Android phones with rear-facing scanners will tell you they’re not so bad.

At least the scanner won’t be difficult to reach like that on the Galaxy S8 — and there will be another security option. The iPhone 8 is expected to deliver Apple’s first facial recognition feature, and sources say it’s going to be stellar.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, citing “people inside Apple,” says that “Face ID” is quicker, more secure, and more accurate than Touch ID.

Source: Feng

Via: TechnoBuffalo

  • Remko Hersmus

    Looking at the photo it’s not dual camera setup, but rather a single as can be found on the iPhone 7. Furthermore the placement of the touchID doesn’t seem to line up.

    • Nate1294

      I think it only looks like a single camera because of the angle. if you look close enough by comparing the units it starts to look like the proper dual lense we were expecting. As for the Touch ID not lining up, the picture is low quality and not very well taken, any movement is going to make smaller details look skewed. I could believe this is real, and I honestly wouldn’t mind Touch ID on the back since it looks easily accessible.

      • Remko Hersmus

        I think you might be right. But I hope the touchID will be integrated in the larger power button, would make for better ergonomics.

  • Jeff Johnson

    And with face ID all the law enforcement officer needs to do is put it in front of you to unlock.

    • Levi

      And law enforcement couldn’t compel a detainee to place their finger on Touch ID?

    • Nate1294

      It’s no different than Touch ID which they can make you unlock your phone with just as easy. I recommend turning off your phone the second you think there may be contact with law enforcement. I assume it would make you put your passcode in (which law enforcement can’t make you do without the proper legal permissions) when the device is turned on regardless of how you normally unlock.

      • Bob Smith

        Umm turn off your phone the second you think may be contact with law enforcement? Your clearly high right? No seriously did you even think that one through?

      • Nathan Martinez

        That’s legitimate legal advice I got in high school when we had an ex law enforcement officer speak in my government class. So good luck with your opinion.

    • PMB01

      So don’t break the law. Pretty easy to avoid.

  • Levi

    Touch ID on the back wouldn’t be the end of the world

  • stickyicky97

    If TouchID being on the back and the phone is laying flat, this would require you to pick up the phone in order to unlock your phone or to use the app switcher. Also, this would require special phone cases in order to access the ID. I hope this isn’t true.

    • PMB01

      You can 3D Touch to get to the app switcher so that’s not a problem. And I guess you didn’t read the part about Face ID.

  • rhzszm

    I have a rorex watch I want to sell you. Very high quality.

  • Bob Smith

    No way. Not true

  • philips9179

    If Touch ID ends up on the back, questions have to asked about the leadership of apple!!!

  • Kostner Guyton

    Full faced displays arent ready yet, too many design compromises . I will be keeping my 7 Plus for another year, None of the renders appeal to me.

  • Kostner Guyton

    Also KGI pretty much said Touch ID on the Newest Iphone is dead, and will only come in black due to the camera sensor bar blending in with the oled display. Again full faced displays arent ready, for me anyway.