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Behold the world’s thinnest leather iPhone case


Totallee thin leather iPhone case
Totallee's new lambskin-backed iPhone cases are stylish, durable and measure a mere 0.02 inches thick.
Photo: Totallee

This post is brought to you by Totallee, maker of ultra-slim iPhone cases.

When you drop coin for a new iPhone, the natural instinct is to protect it properly. The preferred way to do that is with quality, long-lasting leather. But a nice leather case adds a steep premium to an already pricey purchase.

That’s why we dig Totallee. Since first introducing its line of uber-slim iPhone cases, the company’s been making some of the thinnest and coolest-looking cases you’ll find, at a price most can afford. Now Totallee has added leather to the mix, and the result is perhaps the world’s thinnest leather case for iPhone.

Totallee iPhone cases: Luxury meets economy

Totallee’s lambskin-backed case is available for an utterly reasonable $29. Part of the reason for the price is that the leather is layered onto a durable black plastic housing. It’s a composite build that comes in at a mere 0.02 inches thick, weighing just 0.1 ounces.

That’s basically the ideal: iPhone protection that adds a dash of style along with zero bulk.

The leather layer will wear and warm the way leather does, with a minimalist design and ultra-thin profile. And the case is still rugged enough to absorb everyday scuffs, scratches and bumps. It wraps around the corners of the iPhone, becoming flush with the protrusion of the camera. Plus, the case is free of branding, which is nice because who wants their phone to double as a billboard?

These guys seem to have the right idea about what we expect from our iPhone cases. Most cases obscure the slim design and in-hand feel that’s made the iPhone so popular.

Totallee also extends economy of design to its product packaging, shipping with a minimum of materials and therefore the least amount of waste. Plus, the new Totallee leather case comes with a two-year warranty, so if you aren’t feeling it, you can just send it back.

Totallee slim leather iPhone case for $29

Right now the case is only available in black. If that isn’t your thing, keep an eye on Totallee’s website — more colors are coming soon. There’s also a package deal available that includes the case, a screen protector and a charging cable for $55.

Whatever style you go with, this case can add a slice of luxury to your iPhone at a sliver of the usual price. You can pick up your super-thin leather case on Totallee’s website.