Omnigraffle 3 reinvents shareware for iOS


omnigraffle shareware
Omnigroup has started offering 2-week trials on its $50-100 iOS apps.
Photo: Cult of Mac
  • Deplorable Lance Corvette

    I’m old enough to remember when pretty much every downloaded “app” or “program” as we called them, had a free trial period. I was surprised when they started charging for them before you could even try it. What goes around, I guess.

    For that matter, I remember when you had to go to a software store and buy a program on a floppy (look it up, kids). No free trial period there, it was buyer beware.

  • Ricardo Martinez Benesenes

    Thank you for this article… I am owner of omnigraffle 1 for iPad. In the past I didn’t update to version 2 because I thought it was too much money for the increase of functionality in version 2… Today I was able to update to version 3 for the discounted price. The plus of functionality is great an the amount of money charged for the update is reasonable. Thumbs up to the omnigraffle people that came up with this idea/business model.

  • Emmanuel Lemor

    I hope this catches the attention of SOMEONE at Apple that makes it even easier for developers to do just that – the App Store has definitely helped in some ways – i.e. software makers charging $ 15 – $ 20 for something that isn’t worth much more than $ 0.99 – $ 4.99 but for the real software developers NOT having a Trial period has definitely hurt and stopped me from not buying quite a few pieces of software over the years… [until I met someone that had that software and I was able to play with it on their computer and see ‘yes it’s worth it or [most of the time] nope not worth it for me! …]

    • DrMuggg

      There is always the return process for Apps. I have put in “reason for return: This App is uter crap and completely useless” :-)
      google it and you shall find it.

      • Emmanuel Lemor

        Yes but quite a few of them make it very hard to ‘we don’t do refunds’.

      • DrMuggg

        return process of Apps is done by Apple, work perfectly. Just google how, because my links will not do (Using Swedish App Store, You probably the American). But it is the same principle.

  • DrMuggg

    The Problem with all Omni stuff is that the programs are overpriced. Everybody sells apps for a max 100SEk (12-13 USD) and Omni charges four times that for some apps.

    • Mark Gänsicke

      You perceive them as overpriced, but they are fair priced. You not only get a working software, you also get fast support answers and a lot of nice features. Given the small market size, how would this business be sustainable without charging properly?

      • DrMuggg

        I think they are overpriced. yes.
        Which means that I am not wanting to be a customer.
        For a “normal” price (which all other companies seems to do fine with) I would consider buying their stuff.

  • warpedgeoid

    Let’s not forget that in-app purchases are non-shareable, so by using this model, Omni is ensuring that others in a family will need to pay for the app separately. They shouldn’t list “Family Sharing: Yes” for these apps as that is essentially false advertising.