HomePod leads to string of Twitter jabs


Samsung doesn't want to fight HomePod... yet.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s HomePod is sure to fit in our surroundings. It already resembles a couple of items found around the home, as many astute Twitter users pointed out when Phil Schiller unveiled the new smart speaker at WWDC 2017 Monday morning.

Many thought it looked like a ball of string while at least one saw its look inspired by a roll of toilet paper.

A quick search of #HomePod on Twitter and you will see the initial review of Apple’s design of the smart speaker, which not only promises to beautifully project our playlists but take voice commands for other ambient computing needs, much like the Amazon Echo.

Of course, if the HomePod sounds amazing, the snarky sound off on Twitter will be forgotten and the debate will focus on whether four really sound better than two.

It appears, though, professional musicologists aren’t likely to forget Phil Schiller introducing the HomePod as like having your own personal musicologist. Lindsey Turrentine, editor-in-chief of CNET.com, came to their defense.

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  • judda

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  • judda

    Misses says marsh mellow but she is always thinking about food !

  • Buge Halls

    I suppose Apple can say they invented home assistants now…

  • Hein S

    Looks fine to me.