Apple teases ‘seriously badass’ iMac Pro and other new Macs at WWDC


imac pro
The iMac Pro looks amazing!
Photo: Apple

Developers got treated to a new lineup of Macs today at WWDC 2017, including a sneak peek at a “seriously badass” iMac Pro coming later this year.

Apple updated both the iMac and MacBook Pro product lines with a bunch of new internal features. The new models bring brighter displays and more powerful CPUs that will make the Mac a VR gaming-machine — and they’re shipping today.

That’s all well and good, but the sneak peak at the upcoming iMac Pro really set heads spinning. The new high-spec machine will pack a sleeker design with a “seriously badass” space gray finish. It’s the most beautiful iMac Apple’s made, as well as the most powerful Mac ever.

The iMac Pro will be available with an 8-core, 10-core or 16-core processor and Radeon Vega graphics. Pricing will start at $4,999 when units go on sale in December.

New iMacs and MacBook Pros

As for the new iMacs that you can actually buy today … For the first time ever, Apple offers a 4K iMac that starts at $1,499. Paired with Apple’s new Metal 2 engine for graphics, the new Macs are Apple’s most powerful yet.

Intel Kaby Lake processors are being added inside the new iMacs. The new machines also pack new, super-fast Fusion drives. Three USB-C connectors have been added to the back, giving users Thunderbolt 3 speeds to hook up multiple peripherals.

All of the new internals are being brought over to the new MacBook Pro lineup. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro also starts at #1,499. All of the new machines go on sale today.

  • Pedro Nuno

    5000 dollars for a computer. I thought Moore´s law was just for cpu and not prices.

    • Daniel Davis

      In 1995 my Power Mac 8100 was 5 grand and I still had to fork out a grand for 17 inch monitor. Yeah progress,

    • Arnoud van Houwelingen

      This is not a consumer computer but computer for professionals .. i think the price is reasonable for what you are getting with this badass machine. this is the best of the best. The updated Imac is good enough for 98 procent of the people and is a hell of a lot cheaper then the pro version!

    • It is possible to pay hundreds of thousands for a car…
      But then you’re not talking about a Suzuki Swift.

  • NoNonsense74

    I think Apple has to pay Mr Michael Obozo for WWDC entertainment. Where else will they recover the money from?

  • Theresa Strange

    MacBook Pro… speed blip… still no 32G memory. Locked in GPU… where’s all the “Pro” features?

  • Martin Tatlock

    New iMacs look fabulous, but the ‘badass’ version will be another un-upgradable machine. Sorry to be boring, but i just wish i could use the imac as a target monitor for my horrible work pc laptop i am forced to use for working from home… until that day i will never have room on my desktop for a beautiful 27in 5K iMac…

    But the keynote today was brilliant. I really liked Tim at the start – “we dont have time to go through the numbers – but rest assured we are doing OK” ;)

    • Barry Marshall

      Apple’s new File System won’t run on them either since it’s incompatible with a Fusion Drive

  • Thomas Wolf Tompkins

    8 core xeon CPU 300 bucks 32 GB ram maybe 600 bucks workstation board to run it 250.00 4k monitor 500 ish bucks OSX free download Vega cheap GPU 300 bucks. I could build a Mac with more memory 16 core and ssd raids for cheaper than 5 grand.

    • VAVAMk_2

      Shhhh don’t scare the sheep! This starts at $5000 so chances are configs with max specs could be much higher. Not to mention this is not modular and Apple’s suggestion is essentially use TB3 ports and en external enclosure for newer cards whereas the bandwidth on these TB 3 ports will be a bottleneck on external graphics card performance down the road.

      • Arnoud van Houwelingen

        Obviously that price is for the entry level with 8cores .. Next year the new Mac Pro will be introduced and that will be modular …