DevMate and Paddle join forces for all-in-one software platform


It's going to be easier than ever to sell your software online.
It's going to be easier than ever to sell your software online.
Photo: DevMate, Paddle

DevMate and Paddle are joining forces to provide macOS developers with a single platform for building, managing, licensing and selling their software online.

The merger will combine the capabilities and expertise of both businesses for a unique, “next-generation platform” that hopes to make life easier for software creators.

The two companies look to become a global leader with an even greater ability to serve an innovative and cost-effective tool set for macOS developers. Its all-in-one platform will also differentiate it from rivals.

“We share the same vision on what developers platform we want to create”, said Oleksandr Kosovan, Founder and CEO, MacPaw Inc. “The combination of DevMate and Paddle platforms creates an exciting opportunity for the software market and for our customers”.

“We consider this to be a true strategic merger and expect to achieve a synergy effect from this deal, as it brings together the capabilities and best-in-class technologies of both companies, creating a unique and compelling opportunity on a market,” said Paddle CEO Christian Owens.

The merger and development of this platform is expected to be completed within the next 12 months, at which point, it will be available under the Paddle name. DevMate will continue to operate as a separate until the transition is complete.