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16 responses to “Apples Get Apple Branding”

  1. NOBON says:

    My name is NOBON
    I love Apple.
    Thank you for posting
    Is a great honor

  2. yawn! says:

    What’s this obsession with copyright infringement?! Ooh, look there’s a logo with a green apple in it! Wonder if Apple will sue them? There’s a guys growing apples in his backyard! Maybe they’ll come over and chop his tree down. Or better yet, break all his fingers for being creative. That’ll teach him.

  3. Let him rest in peace says:

    really now? I’m a PC, maybe I stick Gates’ head on a pumpkin or something next year.


  4. Ex2bot says:

    Rock on!

    APL RULZ!!

    Mac Fanbot

  5. Fran says:

    hahah super criativo!!!!! adoro maçãs!!!!

  6. mathue says:

    Interesting and clever, a completely natural way to create the logos on the fruit’s surface. If Apple had one or two clever people over there in Cooperteeeno they’d contact this person and get permission for the idea and use these ‘logo’d’ apples at the next Apple Computer event.

    And on a different note, how would one do this for Microsoft? Are there naturally occurring windows out there? ;)

  7. Sahanatrymytech says:

    its amazing to see like this ..wish i count eat the ipod apple…but the eatable apple..lolzzz.

  8. Billgates says:

    apple sucks