Crazy MacBook Pro concept replaces keyboard with a yuuuuuuge touchpad


Keyboards are so last year.
Keyboards are so last year.
Photo: Daniel Brunsteiner

Tim Cook has repeatedly said Apple has no plans to make a touchscreen MacBook, but a crazy new concept imagines what would happen if the company replaced keyboards with a giant touchpad.

Giving creatives a big touchscreen instead of a keyboard may sounds like a horrible idea at first. Typing would definitely take some getting used to. However, designer Daniel Brunsteiner’s concept shows how you could do some cool new stuff with the touchpad.

Take a closer look:

macbook pro concept
Using Apple Pencil with the MacBook Pro would be great.
Photo: Daniel Brunsteiner

The touchpad would basically act like a giant Touch Bar/keyboard/trackpad. All of the standard keys are still be accessible, but the trackpad can adapt dynamically based on what tasks you’re performing in the

By integrating the touch pad with a Taptic Engine, Apple could give users the feeling of physical buttons. Scroll wheels and sliders could be used on the side of the keyboard for faster workflows. You could even use Apple Pencil with it, giving creative professionals a new way to interact with their content.

Putting a touchscreen keyboard on the MacBook Pro wouldn’t be cheap though so unless Apple finds a really efficient way to implement one, this an idea that will likely stay on the drawing board.

Via: YankoDesign